Install your Utility Sink

We are installing a utility sink for our client. I am trying to explain the steps to some of the DIY students. There are times when you need to make the hands dirty. Most homeowners setup utility washbasins in their basement or laundry rooms. In case you are fortunate, you already have water piping and lines set up. If not, the project would need a professional. Nevertheless, with the appropriate materials and determination, you can easily set up a utility washbasin.

Before starting

Are you setting up a sink that has a considerable shape and diameter? You should consider the material of the countertop. Do you have stone or laminate? Well, countertops made of laminate are friendly when it comes to DIY.

But before you try cutting quartz, marble or granite vanity top, talk to an expert. Dangerous cracks and dust particles are two of the several factors that experts help to avoid.

Considering that you have plumbing and water channels in place, check this useful guide on how to install your brand-new utility sink. In case that it’s not the situation, the present lines are not enough or requires replacement, you will have to set up unique plumbing tubes.

Materials you need

Kitchen material in white
  • Faucet
  • Assorted fittings
  • Utility Sink
  • Slip coupling
  • Cement, primer, PVC pipe
  • Plumber putty
  • Lead-free solder
  • Compression Nut
  • Washing machine valve

The tools

  • Pliers
  • Tubing handsaw
  • Bucket
  • Propane torch
  • Tubing cutter


In case you are changing the current utility sink, and every piping is in the right shape, take away the modern sink and avoid fixing it to the sink.

Gather the pipes

Switch off your water supply channel

Hack some part from the present tubes to set the brand new PVC tube that fixes to the utility sink. Usually, you have to hack some part of the current piping and set up the new tubes and label the borders. After that, using the PVC hand saw, cut your present pipe.

Gather the new PVC tube and different fitting. By use of a PVC cement, label the internal of the new pipes as wells the ends and outer areas of the present pipes. Similar to a school project, you need adequate cement on the interior of the new tube and the exterior of the present pipes. After the cement is included, place it into place fast.

Fix the remaining PVC piping

Usually, it will be challenging to set up the sink just near the pipe. It will also be challenging to set it near the tubing that is taller as compared to your sink. Regardless of that, you will need to include PVC tubes.

Fix the sink

Set up the faucet and sink

Regardless of the place you bought the utility washbasin, there needs to be a chrome plastic or tailpiece extender beneath the sink. The fitting will attach to the new PVC catch.

Make use of the compression nut to fix the two

Use a plumber’s putty and cover beneath the faucet. Place it securely and make the bolts or nuts tight beneath. In case your sink doesn’t have a drain that comes with it, you should purchase one.